Our Story

In a world of ever-rising prices and markups, we looked around and asked a simple question: Why should everyday essentials cost a fortune? That's when we decided to disrupt the retail space and offer fair pricing to everyone.

At HJA Store, we observed how traditional supermarkets often hiked prices, burdening families and individuals who sought quality without the hefty price tag. We realized that access to affordable goods wasn't just a convenience; it was a necessity.

Our mission became clear: to offer a wide range of products at prices that don't break the bank. We believe that fairness in pricing is not just a perk but a fundamental right for consumers. That is why we show our costs alongside the product sale price. 

We promise to keep our margins to 25%. This isn't just about selling products; it's about upholding a principle - that quality and affordability can go hand in hand.

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FAQ's about Price Beat Promise at HJA

What products are included in the Price Beat Promise

All products - All our products are priced to match or beat the big supermarkets and superstores. Products are checked weekly against these major retailers to ensure we meet our promise.

What prices are you comparing?

Prices are compared from in-store and online. Promotional prices from these retailers are not included in our comparisons. P.S You will find that we are cheaper the majority of the time, even on these promotions.

I have found cheaper pricing elsewhere

If you have placed an order, and found the item cheaper elsewhere, within 10 days or purchasing, let us know. We will give you a coupon for the difference.

If you are yet to place your order, and found cheaper pricing elsewhere, let us know and we will alter pricing the same day for updated pricing to place your order.